Wood Shakes

Wood Shakes Contractor

Kroon Roofing and Home Improvement offers several styles of roofing to suit your home or office. Our wood shake roofing is extremely popular for its beauty, weather resistance and cost-effective durability. They are a naturally aesthetic roofing material that compliments any home. We offer cedar, cypress and redwood shingles for your roof.

Wood shakes are natural looking, weather resistant and pest resistant. Our cedar shakes are very popular as they are long lasting, durable and are a good insulator for you home. The energy efficiency of wood roofing shakes is excellent for conserving home heat and cooling energy, and are more effective than asphalt shingles. Our wood shake roofing materials are also a natural and environmentally friendly product that makes any home look fantastic. They are very easy to repair if you need a replacement shingle, and they are highly weather resistant in wind, rain, snow and other heavy storms. Cedar shakes last a long time, and often decades more than other roofing materials.

Wood roof shake is an excellent choice when it comes to color and natural looks. You can choose from many options to suit your home. Give us a call and we can help you learn more about the right roofing shake to give your home a beautiful finish!