Metal Roofing

Metal Roofing Contractor

At Kroon Roofing in Sioux Falls SD, our work is performed by licensed and insured technicians who are highly trained and qualified to install the perfect roof for your needs. When you want an expert to install your metal roof, Kroon Roofing is the professional team you can trust. We understand all areas of roof repair, installation and maintenance.

Metal Roofing Benefits

One of the most popular reasons to install a metal roof is its longevity. Metal roofs can last well over 50 years and retain their durability and good looks. Metal roofs are very light weight on your structure, and highly fire resistant. They also provide excellent energy efficiency and prevent heat loss in winter as well as prevent cooling from escaping in the summer.

What we offer:

Kroon provides mecro and decra-metal shingle roofs. These come in vertical panel, horizontal panel, shingle type panel and stone coated metal systems. They offer the cleanest roof lines and incredible strength. All these put minimal weight on your building while providing energy efficiency, long lasting roofing and a great looking roof for decades to come. Our professionals install these metal panels in a way that keeps them very stable during winds and storms.

Metal roofs are proven to last at least fifty years and longer, giving you the durability and functionality of a high-quality roof. Metal roofing’s light weight helps take off considerable load on your structure, which is a bonus for the life of your home or business. Our technicians are specialized in the exact details of metal roof installation, ensuring that you receive a superior quality roof installation.

Our years of experience in metal roof installation has provided our customers with the best roofing style for decades. Metal roofing comes in many different designs, sizes and colors- give us a call today, and our professional, licensed roofing experts will help you choose the correct metal roof for your structure.